Recent Podcasts and Resources on Legal Writing

It seems there's a bevy of law-related podcasts available now. Bob Ambrogi recently rounded up a bunch, and others I've discovered serendipitously through Twitter. Curiously, though, I have yet to see a podcast devoted just to legal writing or publishing. I made this observation on Twitter to see if perhaps I missed something, and that … Continue reading Recent Podcasts and Resources on Legal Writing

More Lawyers Should Self-Publish—Mostly

More lawyers should self-publish. Also, fewer lawyers should self-publish. Let me explain. We lawyers become experts in our areas of practice and learn a mountain of useful information over our careers. It's natural to share that information with a wider audience by writing a book. It's natural, but it isn't easy. Especially for busy professionals. … Continue reading More Lawyers Should Self-Publish—Mostly

Fowler’s Modern English Usage, 2d Ed.

Yesterday the Wife and I made the 45-minute drive to the nearest Half Price Books. (We're the kind of people who think Chick-fil-A-and-a-bookstore makes the perfect date.) I always check the reference and writing books section, and there I found A Dictionary of Modern English Usage by H. W. Fowler. It was the second edition … Continue reading Fowler’s Modern English Usage, 2d Ed.

Fastcase Adds Littler Employer Library

Fastcase just added a truckload of employment law titles from Littler. They're here! @Littler Employer Library titles are now available on @fastcase. For a complete list of titles and pricing information visit Plus, you can sign up for a free daily Employment Law Case Digest. — Fastcase (@fastcase) March 22, 2018 Continuing its … Continue reading Fastcase Adds Littler Employer Library