You’ve made a headache easier. I thought editing would make me fall apart but it’s nice to get the ideas out and let someone like you do your expert work. I’m impressed.

—Mike Whelan

You’re a lawyer, and that means you have something important to say. It might be that you have big ideas to contribute to the profession. Or you have valuable, practical knowledge that would help other lawyers in their practices. Or maybe you know something that could help clients and potential clients.

Whatever it is you have to say, it won’t be easy to turn your thoughts into a professional, well-written work.

  • Do you need help taking your blog from tumbleweeds to standout feature?
  • Do you need to ensure the article you’re about to get published makes an impact?
  • Have you thought about creating a guide or workbook to help your clients or potential clients, but don’t know where to start?
  • Do you imagine book titles in the shower?
  • Have you ever looked for a book or guide in your practice area, only to find it doesn’t exist?

You love writing. But it’s hard as hell. Everyone struggles to get it done, and done well. I can help.

What to Expect

You’re nervous about putting your writing in someone else’s hands. That’s why each editing project follows a process:

  1. Assess—The first step is to discuss your goals and motivation. Why are you putting pen to paper? This determines how much effort is warranted and what success means.
  2. Reflect—The second step is to analyze what you’ve got so far and reflect it back to you in my own summary. This comes before any criticism, feedback, or suggestions. This ensures we’re on the same page and helps you see your work through someone else’s eyes.
  3. Develop—The third step, if needed, is to work with you to develop the high-level ideas and structure of your writing. This is the big-picture stuff.
  4. Edit—The fourth step is to work on the copy to ensure it is short, simple, human, and correct. This is the detail work.
  5. Publish—Finally, your work is ready to publish.

When I edit copy, I back up every edit with a citation to authority. My writing and editing follow:

Contact Me

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