Bob Ambrogi’s Tips for Legal Bloggers

Bob Ambrogi, preeminent legal journalist extraordinaire (his official title, I believe), has some journalistic writing advice to share. His inspiration: reading hundreds of legal blog posts for the LexBlog Excellence Awards. When Bob Ambrogi gives writing advice, I listen. Here are a few highlights from his post (but definitely read the whole thing). Write a … Continue reading Bob Ambrogi’s Tips for Legal Bloggers

Try Morning Pages (or Freewriting)

The practice of "morning pages" has been hovering in the periphery of my Internet reading lately. It's the exercise of handwriting three pages stream-of-consciousness, first thing in the morning. My initial thoughts were similar to those expressed in this Guardian column. Morning pages—sounds like something my high school English teacher would do, who also made up … Continue reading Try Morning Pages (or Freewriting)

A Podcast About Attorney Authors and Publishers

After publicly wondering why there aren't any podcasts devoted to legal writing, I've decided to take steps toward starting one. Here's what I'm thinking. First, I can't get mired in setup and equipment. Partly because of the expense (every dollar counts right now); but mostly because I've been down that road before and I know … Continue reading A Podcast About Attorney Authors and Publishers

Recent Podcasts and Resources on Legal Writing

It seems there's a bevy of law-related podcasts available now. Bob Ambrogi recently rounded up a bunch, and others I've discovered serendipitously through Twitter. Curiously, though, I have yet to see a podcast devoted just to legal writing or publishing. I made this observation on Twitter to see if perhaps I missed something, and that … Continue reading Recent Podcasts and Resources on Legal Writing

More Lawyers Should Self-Publish—Mostly

More lawyers should self-publish. Also, fewer lawyers should self-publish. Let me explain. We lawyers become experts in our areas of practice and learn a mountain of useful information over our careers. It's natural to share that information with a wider audience by writing a book. It's natural, but it isn't easy. Especially for busy professionals. … Continue reading More Lawyers Should Self-Publish—Mostly