To anyone who’s been paying attention, there hasn’t been much to pay attention to when it comes to blogging and lawyers. The notable exception is LexBlog, which has launched its own network of legal blogs and announced a new $49/month hosted blog plan. Apart from that bit of ruckus, all’s quiet on the blawgosphere.

Many leading law bloggers have fallen off. They have established blogs that have been around for years, so they don’t need to post as often to keep their audience. They’ve also written the most important content already. And they are probably working on other projects that are more exciting, like a podcast or an online course.

So where does that leave blogging?

Blogging is not a new thing anymore; it’s no longer exciting or interesting in itself. That doesn’t mean it’s dead—rather, it’s maturing. The thought leaders may have moved on. Let them.

The value of blogging hasn’t changed for the typical lawyer. It’s still simply putting free, informal written content online. It’s not the latest and greatest thing anymore; you won’t get attention just for having a blog. You will get attention if what’s on your blog is good.

There are still many reasons to blog. What I’ve heard from established legal bloggers, though, is that the core reason has to be that you want to write. You have to want that creative outlet. And after that, if you focus on quality content and persist, your blog will succeed. That’s true whether you blog for other lawyers about law practice or for potential clients about a specific area of law.

If what you need is a way to do content marketing, you have many options besides blogs. But if you want to write; if you want to publish your words to the public; if you want to help others and are driven to put something of quality out into the world; if you want to develop your ideas and expertise; if you want to create relationships with other writers; then a blog may still be for you.

Blogging is now a quiet thing. It’s not remarkable. But it’s still valuable; it still has potential. It’s not dead.

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