Today I am publishing my latest conversation with a lawyer about legal writing, editing, and publishing. This time it’s Keith Lee, who graciously took time to talk to me about his experience blogging, how it led to a book deal with ABA Publishing for The Marble and the Sculptor, and how he’s thinking of writing another book soon.

The point he made again and again is that you need to have a platform as a writer. You need to build an audience. In the episode Keith talks about how he did that with his blog Associate’s Mind, and later on with LawyerSmack. Now that he has a decent audience interested in his writing, he has a lot of freedom in deciding how to publish his next book.

Show Notes

Keith Lee:


  • Intro
  • Keith’s blog, Associate’s Mind (2:09)
  • Keith’s book, The Marble and the Sculptor (20:19)
  • Keith’s next book (38:00)


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