Today I am excited to release my latest conversation about lawyers writing and publishing, this time with Carolyn Elefant.

Carolyn recently put on a webinar about her experience writing and publishing an e-book that unexpectedly generated a lot of business. I attended and shared notes on Twitter. Then Carolyn agreed to talk with me about the topic in more detail for this podcast.

If you’ve ever thought about putting an e-book, guide, or other downloadable content on your website, this episode is for you. We talk first about Carolyn’s experience with her e-book and what made it successful. Then Carolyn gives advice about how to get started on your own.

I’d hoped to also talk about Carolyn’s experience writing and publishing Solo by Choice, but we didn’t have time. Look for that in a future episode.

Show Notes

Carolyn Elefant:



  • Intro
  • The story behind Carolyn’s 7-figure e-book (1:34)
  • Updating the book (7:51)
  • Carolyn’s goals/purpose for the book (10:27)
  • How the book generated business (12:09)
  • Carolyn’s experience publishing other e-books and content (21:15)
  • Carolyn’s advice to lawyers thinking about writing an e-book (25:20)
  • How to determine the scope for your e-book (28:29)
  • How nice does it have to look? (33:13)
  • How long should it be? How much content should it have? (36:01)
  • Deciding whether to charge for the e-book (39:06)
  • Carolyn’s upcoming e-book sprint (44:17)
  • Parting advice (46:28)


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