The latest episode of The Editing Lawyer Podcast, published last Friday, features Morgan Morrissette Wright. She’s an attorney, product manager at Fastcase, and publisher of Full Court Press.

I’ve been interested in Full Court Press since Fastcase announced its serious effort to publish secondary content last year. It looks like Full Court Press might offer an alternative legal publisher friendly to solo/small lawyers. And it’s had a busy summer.

In this episode Morgan talks about her role as publisher of Full Court Press, how it has grown rapidly to more than 400 titles in less than a year, what’s coming soon (a new journal on immigration, in particular), and Full Court Press’s mission, position, and role in the legal publishing industry. I had a great time talking with Morgan, including a few moments of geeking out about books.

One of my takeaways from this conversation was that Fastcase is serious about acquiring a “critical mass” of secondary content. It’s close to covering the basics of what most lawyers need now, and the future is wide open for new, interesting, and useful content.

Sadly, we can’t expect small-state content any time soon. Fastcase will focus on national and large-state resources for now. That is what’s economically viable, of course. So secondary content for small legal markets like my own Wisconsin will continue to be left mostly to state bars (they can partner with Fastcase if they choose, at least).

That’s not exactly bad—state bars publish great content, to be sure. But I’ve always thought that having another player in the market could spur real growth and improvement. There’s still tons of room for creativity in legal content.

This is still a minimum viable podcast—really just a recorded conversation. But if you’re interested in Full Court Press and where it’s going, you’ll want to check it out.

Show Notes

Morgan Morrissette Wright:


  • Intro
  • Morgan’s background (0:55)
  • Morgan’s job as publisher of Full Court Press, getting it started (6:56)
  • Full Court Press’s mission (11:36)
  • Full Court Press’s position and role in legal publishing industry (13:42)
  • Full Court Press’s growth and rapid acquisition of books (20:38)
  • What’s in the pipeline for Full Court Press (30:58)
  • The future for Full Court Press (34:30)
  • Ending: fun questions (36:55)

Books and Links:

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