About a month ago I wondered about the lack of legal writing-focused podcasts and published some thoughts about starting my own. That led to recording a conversation with Mike Whelan about his book, which I’m releasing today as the first episode.

A warning: I consider this a minimum viable podcast. The point was to not muck about with audio equipment; to just get something out there. So the first few episodes—especially this one—will be a bit rough. It will get better.

If you don’t mind the rough edges, there’s a lot in this first episode. Mike had plenty to say about both the substance of his book and the process of writing it. He’s in the middle of that process now, so you get a great glimpse of what it’s like to be in the trenches. You also get a tangential introduction to Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

Currently the podcast is available below and on anchor.fm. It should be distributed to all the major platforms soon.

Show Notes

Mike Whelan


  • Intro
  • Talking about Mike’s book and ideas
  • Start talking about writing and editing (25:21)
  • Why Mike’s writing the book (30:26)
  • Mike’s plans for editing (43:36)
  • Tech, tips, wrap-up (50:46)

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