Matthew Butterick just released the second edition of Butterick’s Practical Typography. It’s a great, reader-supported resource for anyone who just needs to know how to make text look professional. Butterick himself is an interesting guy—a lawyer, programmer, and typographer. I learned of the release from his newsletter, which I suggest subscribing to (he only posts every few months). Also check out the Commentary section, if you really want to nerd out about programming, publishing, and typography.

Of a more practical note are the new fonts Butterick is releasing with the second edition and his updated recommendations for great free fonts. Lawyers should feel very comfortable using his new Century Supra font, since it’s essentially a better version of the font used by the United States Supreme Court. Consider buying one of Butterick’s fonts to support his publishing efforts (his please pay for this book voluntarily approach is its own fascinating experiment).

For the cash-poor startup lawyer like me, his free font recommendations are a great resource. I’ve long used Charter on his recommendation, but today I’m loving the IBM Plex family.

Other new sections include:

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