A Podcast About Attorney Authors and Publishers

After publicly wondering why there aren’t any podcasts devoted to legal writing, I’ve decided to take steps toward starting one. Here’s what I’m thinking.

First, I can’t get mired in setup and equipment. Partly because of the expense (every dollar counts right now); but mostly because I’ve been down that road before and I know it leads to a swamp.

During my brief stint as an employee at my state bar, I worked on starting a podcast as a side project. And it was kind of a thing. I had hoped to get started as quickly and simply as possible. But once the media guys got whiff of the idea, they went all out and I ended up with a full backpack of equipment. They were being helpful, and it was good equipment. But not being an audio guy, I had a hard time figuring out how to use it all without it sounding crappy. And in the midst of trying to do test runs and learning how to use everything, it all fell apart. It was, in short, just too much work.

So this time I’m starting simple. I’ll probably use anchor.fm, an app for recording podcasts on a smartphone. It won’t sound great, but it will be enough to get started. What matters is getting to the part where I’m talking to people and recording interesting conversations.

Which brings me, second, to what this podcast will be about. It won’t be about “legal writing” broadly, which usually means writing for courts and clients. Rather, I want to focus on public legal writing, editing, and publishing.

Some topics I plan to pursue, in that vein:

  • Deciding to become an attorney author
  • Writing books to be published and sold to a general market
  • The process of writing, editing, and publishing books and guides written by lawyers
  • Working with editors and publishers
  • Legal publishers and how they work
  • Self-publishing for lawyers
  • Lean publishing
  • Digital publishing
  • Writing and managing legal blogs
  • Writing for business development

Finally, and most importantly, who am I going to talk to? I am primarily interested in talking to attorneys who are authors of published works, particularly books. I also want to talk to legal publishers to learn more about their industry, business model, and practices.

That, in brief, is my plan for The Editing Lawyer Podcast. Stay tuned.

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