Fastcase Adds Littler Employer Library

Fastcase just added a truckload of employment law titles from Littler.

Continuing its push to add secondary content to its platform, Fastcase has licensed 79 Littler Employer Library titles. Littler is the largest management-side labor and employment firm in the world. Its Employer Book Series “draws upon the collective knowledge of Littler’s attorneys nationwide and is the field’s preeminent reference resource providing practical advice to management concerning employment and labor relations.”

This is one more step in Fastcase’s quest to topple the duopoly of Thomson Reuters and Lexis. Littler, for its part, has gained a new publishing avenue and marketing relationship.

Titles from the Littler Employer Library will be available individually for $30 per year; the national library for $695 per year; a state library for $1195 per year; and absolutely everything for $1895 per year. These titles will be available online only through Fastcase—Lexis has the print and e-book rights (which makes me wonder how Lexis feels about this).

We can expect a lot more news like this from Fastcase in the coming year. Its strategy includes “a rapid expansion of secondary libraries, featuring franchise authors who embrace Fastcase as a steward and distributor of their works.” In other words, licensing others’ works is the fastest way for Fastcase to add the secondary content it’s so eagerly pursuing.

I wonder if the word “steward” means anything. Might Fastcase take a role in developing or editing some of its licensed content?

For more, see the press release from Fastcase and this report on Dewey B Strategic.

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