Fastcase is still aggressively pursuing secondary content, and more is coming soon.

That’s the takeaway from a little conversation I had with Joe Patz, a Fastcase account executive, at ABA TECHSHOW yesterday. He was one of several people I was keen to ask, What’s coming in the next year?

First of all, more RAIL is coming—and, indeed, is already here. Joe said they’ve seen high demand for their first journal from Full Court Press. More journals like RAIL are in the works and coming soon, though Joe couldn’t tell me anything specific.

In addition to more journals, Joe said to look for more acquisitions of secondary content like the recent deal with Wolters Kluwer. Again, specifics were not forthcoming—though Joe did say Fastcase is still pursuing state bar books, commenting that state bars still lack their own platforms.

This aggressive pursuit of secondary content started when former LexisNexis VP Steve Errick came to Fastcase. Joe had always heard from attorneys staying with Westlaw that they needed access to specific treatises; secondary content was a barrier for Fastcase. “We had always thought secondary content was a moonshot,” Joe said. “Steve Errick came in and said it wasn’t a moonshot.”

And he’s been right—the content is coming fast. In a short time Fastcase has added content from Lexblog and Wolters Kluwer, and started Full Court Press and RAIL. Lots more is coming, too—that message was clear.

Oh, and also a complete refactoring of Fastcase 7. This big update will improve things behind the scenes and also improve the UX to make it more intuitive. That too, according to Joe.

I haven’t even mentioned the Docket Alarm acquisition and integration.

The last year has really put the fast in Fastcase.

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