Fastcase Adds More Secondary Content

The latest update in Fastcase’s push for secondary content is its addition of Wolters Kluwers treatises. This is an important step, immediately giving Fastcase users alternatives to some of the biggest West and Lexis practice aids. Fastcase is playing with the big boys now.

But for legal publishing as a whole, this is more of the same. Big treatises with big prices, produced the same way they’ve always been. As I’ve said before, my hope is that Fastcase will be innovative. Perhaps they will eventually bring a lean publishing approach to these treatises. Perhaps.

As great as it is to see more competition in the national market, I’d rather see more competition in state markets. Small states like mine suffer a lack of top-notch books on what most lawyers practice—state law. What we get from our bar associations is “good enough.” Bars have little incentive (or ability) to innovate. They just imitate the national publishers. Nothing and no one is pushing state-level legal publishing forward.

This at a time when it’s never been easier, cheaper, or faster to publish great content.

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